Sunday, April 20, 2014

Chameleons on the Wall!! (3rd)

This is a lesson I finished up the last school year with and here we are again! :) The only difference is that I've decided to make this exclusively my 3rd grade paper sculpture project (it gives the younger ones something to get really excited about)! If you would like to see my excruciatingly detailed blog post about how to do this one CLICK HERE.
You can also get a nice printable version of the 'how to make a chameleon' directions in my TPT store for free!

Expressive Word Art (3rd)

Teacher Sample
EQ: How can I use line and color expressively?

For this lesson we began by reviewing the different line types and talked about what feeling each type can help convey (for example - vertical=strength, horizontal=rest and calm, wavy=calm movement, etc). Then we moved on and talked about colors and the moods they can help show in artwork.
Before I revealed what mood each color is thought to translate, I had students fill out the "I think..." section of the worksheet you see to the left. It was really interesting to see which colors students filled in for each. Then we viewed the powerpoint I put together for the project, and they listed a few moods each color is said to convey under the "I know..." section.
After talking all about how to use line and color expressively, I gave students the task of creating a piece of artwork centered around one word which they had to express on their papers with lines, pattern, and color.
Students first started by writing their word large on their page in block/bubble letters. This is a challenging task in-and-of-itself for many kids, so I showed them my secret block letter trick. You start by writing the word normally on your piece of paper (large enough to fill the space) -- as seen in red. Then you outline each letter with an evenly distributed border -- as seen in black. Once you are done outlining the letters, all you have to do is erase the original letter lines and outline in sharpie!
Once the word was on the page, students began adding line, pattern, and color to their papers AROUND their word with thin-tip markers (I used Crayola) to help express the meaning of their word!

Going into this project I knew it was better suited for older grades who may have the patience to work on meticulous detail for days in a row (5th grade+).. but I wanted to see what my 3rd graders could do!

If you are interested in the powerpoints and worksheets I created for this lesson - you may want to check out my TPT store... they are all included in my '6-lesson Vertical Elementary Color Unit'.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Radial Printmaking Display

Just wanted to share the Radial Printmaking Display I put up before I left for Spring Break on Friday!
(Blogged about here.)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Wrapping up the 2014 NAEA Convention (San Diego, California)

Today was the last day of this year's NAEA convention in GORGEOUS San Diego, California.
What a great few days I've had here!! It's been amazing getting to meet and listen to other art teachers from around the country (and even a couple from Canada) talk about the subjects within art education that they are most passionate about!
It has reignited my excitement for what I do in my classroom and has really motivated me to become even more active in my profession.
It was also awesome getting to meet some of my blog readers! You guys are a huge part of the reason I keep writing! :)
This trip has also pushed me to really consider going back for my master's degree - something I initially put off because my son was so young and I didn't want to miss out on the early years with him. This fall however he will be entering kindergarten, so I'm beginning to feel like it might be the right time (though I likely wouldn't begin until the Fall of 2015).

So what's next?
I'm really hoping to present at next year's NAEA convention set for March 26-28 in New Orleans, Louisiana. So I will be putting together my proposal for that (hopefully with the wonderful Ms. K) over the next few weeks!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Birdhouses 2.0 (1st/2nd)

This past week another group of 1st and 2nd graders finished up their birdhouse collages (posted about here). This rotation I changed things up by making the lesson a 3-day project instead of a 2-day ... and also decided to talk to students about warm/cool color schemes. Students were asked to paint their backgrounds with either a warm or cool color scheme, then use the opposite scheme to build the bulk of their birdhouse to create more contrast.
I really like how these turned out!

Lego-style Self-Portraits (3rd/4th)

EQ: What is a self-portrait? How can personal style influence one's artwork?

The lego-style self-portrait project is a fun two-day lesson that is great for pretty much all elementary grade-levels!
I began by talking to my students about what a self-portrait is (an artistic self-representation that an artist creates of themselves) and then looked at a variety of famous artist's self-portraits. One of the big ideas I wanted my students to take away from looking at all the famous examples, was that very often an artist's self-portrait is very reflective of his or her personal style.
For example, Vincent VanGogh used the same type of iconic brushstrokes in his self-portrait as he used in a wide variety of his other paintings (like "Starry Night").

Self-portrait of Vincent VanGogh

"Starry Night" by Vincent VanGogh

Artist Joan Miro used a similar abstracted surrealist style in his self-portrait much like the style he used in his other paintings.

Self-portrait of Joan Miro
Joan Miro, "Carnival of Harlequin" (1924)

So when it came time for my students to create their self-portraits, I wanted them to work in a style that reflected their personal interests - and thus the lego self-portrait project began!

As much as I HATE giving students a template to work from, I thought it was necessary in this case (due to time constraints and personal frustration levels) for them to have a framework to build off of, so I gave them a printout of a blank lego person to put under their papers that they could see through to build off of. The examples below were pulled from my 3rd and 4th grade classes that I had this week.

Future lego self-portrait? I don't remember teaching Mr. Rogers. :)

The kids absolutely love this project! Definitely a must do! :)

I know.. the resemblance is shocking.    :)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Radial Printmaking 2.0 (4th)

Printmaking isn't really one of my favorite art disciplines.. but I truly do love this project (aside from the messy messy clean-up). This 4th grade radial printmaking project is one that I did last year as well.. so if you'd like to read my fully explained lesson you should click here. :)
The only thing I changed up this year was having my students mount their artwork onto a sheet of construction paper. I think the pop of color really livens the black-and-white pieces! :)
When the 4th grade teacher came to pick up her class from specials I showed her a few of her student's work. She was really excited that we had talked about symmetry in class (yay math connection)!